Saturday: Players Battered by Gale Force Winds

Russell "Gus The Good Guy" Wenzel lets one rip!
Russell “Gus The Good Guy” Wenzel lets one rip!

Six players ventured out in gale force winds that had them struggling to stay on their feet at times. Russell “Gus The Good Guy” wenzel & colourful local identity Philip “Thomo” Thomson played early in calmer conditions and Gus The Good Guy was able to take advantage while Thomo failed to do so.

Gus was winner with a score of 36 points while runner up was the best of the afternoon players David “Jack’ webster whose 31 points was a creditable effort in the tough conditions. Thomo was next with 29 followed by Dick Cleland 27, Bob Perry 26 & Mars Bar recipient Michael “Tickers” Tickner with 24.

The assistant handicapper rewarded Gus The Good Guy with a handicap reduction, while demonstrating his compassion in increasing Bob Perry’s & Dick Cleland’s handicaps by one stroke each.

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