Flying Dutchman Routes Field

Eddie "The Flying Dutchman" Van Keulen
Eddie “The Flying Dutchman” Van Keulen

Eddie “The Flying Dutchman” Van Keulen played his best round for some time to win today’s stableford by 5 strokes with a magnificent 44 points. Dick Cleland continued to improve finishing 2nd with a creditable 39. The handicapper acted swiftly deducting a stroke from both players handicaps. Colourful local identity Philip “Thomo” Thomson was third with 38. Thomo appears to have been working on his fitness as his homeward 9 was better than his outward 9 fo a change. The handicapper also took a stroke off Thomo. Russell “Gus The Good Guy” Wenzel finished with 36, followed by Bob Perry & Dick Secomb on 34. Mark “Mouldy” Millward & David “Robbie” Robinson finished with 32 while Peterborough member Geoff Ashby was the only other player over 30.

Of the rest Michael “Tickers” Tickner scored 29, Andy Phillips 28 & Tarcowie visitor Klaus Heymann 27.

Young Kobi Wenzel continues to improve with 25 points.

The handicapper did show some mercy giving an extra stroke to Robbie, Dick Secomb & Michael Tickner.

Dick Cleland Wins Mulligans

Only 3 players turned out for Thursday’s mulligan contest, probably because of the high temperatures forecast. High brisk Easterly breeze prevailed throughout the morning kept conditions comfortable for the players. The Easterly in Burra feeds off the Southern Ocean bringing cool relief in the Summer. It was much warmer after lunch when the Easterly dropped.

Dick Cleland
Dick Cleland

Dick Cleland reversed his recent poor form, thanks to an email tip received that morning from Brayden Wauchope Golf. Dick scored 21 points for a comfortable win. Runner up was David “Robbie” Robinson with 17 while Bob Taylor scored 15. Because of the small field there was no runner-up prize & no Mars Bar.

Consistency Pays Off

Russell "Gus The Good Guy" Wenzel
Russell “Gus The Good Guy” Wenzel

Tuesday’s stableford saw the consistent players succeed over the show ponies. After 9 holes Eddie “The Flying Dutchman” Van Keulen led with 23 points followed by Russell “Gus The Good Guy” Wenzel on 21, colourful local identity Philip “Tomo” Thomson on 20, Bob Taylor on 18 & Dick Cleland tailed off on 12.

Gus The Good Guy continued his good form scoring 19 on the homeward nine for a winning score of 40 points. Bob Taylor scored 20 on the back nine for 38 to finish 2nd.The Flying Dutchman only managed 12 points on the back nine to finish with 35. Once again Thomo failed to finish off, scoring a disappointing 14 homeward for 34. If anyone knows of a good personal trainer I am sure Thomo would be pleased to hear from them as his fitness requires some work. Although he scored 18 on the back nine for a total of 30, Dick Cleland took the Mars Bar having given the others too much start at the turn.

Six Players Defy Saturday’s Heat!

David "Jack" Webster
David “Jack” Webster

Despite the extreme heat six players risked their health to play a par event. The reason that this report is late is because your correspondent could not imagine anybody being so foolish.

David “Jack” Webster & colourful local identity Philip “Thomo” Thomson at least had the sense to play early. This paid off for Jack but not for Thomo, Jack scored 2 up to win the day. Thomo on the other hand finished 5th with -4. Unfortunately for Thomo playing early does not make the course any shorter. Andy Phillips finished 2nd with plus 1 with a gap to Michael Tickner -2, Russell “Gus The Good Guy” Wenzel -3, then Thomo. One would normally think that having a cart would be a big advantage in the heat but Eddie “The Flying Dutchman” Van Keulen showed this is not necessarily the case taking the Mars Bar with -10.

Critta Takes Out First Competition of 2017

Chris "Critta" Waters
Chris “Critta” Waters

Chris “Critta” Waters started 2017 on a high note taking out yesterday’s mid week stableford with 37 points. Runner up was Russell “Gus The Good Guy” Wenzel on a countback from colourful local identity Philip “Thomo” Thomson both on 34 points. Once again Thomo was in a winning position with 20 points at the turn but once again faltered on the homeward nine. While Thomo has been accused of choking on numerous occasions, it has been pointed out that poor physical fitness is probably the cause of Thomo’s disappointing results on the back nine.

Eddie “The Flying Dutchman” Van Keulen scored 30 points & Luke Spackman a disappointing 28. Many golfers benefit from a short break from the game but it would seem that Dick Cleland is not one of them. Dick took home the Mars Bar with a very ordinary 25 points.

The acting handicapper moved quickly deducting a stroke from Critta’s handicap & giving it to Dick.

Holiday Golf Results

Colourful local identity Philip "Thomo" Thomson
Colourful local identity Philip “Thomo” Thomson

The holiday period saw competition fields somewhat diminished. Colourful local identity Philip “Thomo” Thomson took advantage of the reduction in competition to win 3 events.

Christmas Eve turned out to be a family affair, with David “Robbie” Robinson & son John, David “Jack” Webster & son Chase & Russell “Gus The Good Guy” Wenzel & grandson Koby, plus of course Thomo. The day was extremely hot & the Robinsons pulled out after 13 holes. Thomo took out the day with 39 points, just 1 ahead of Jack on 38. Kobi scored 32 defeating grandpa Gus on 30. Chase is still waiting for the handicapper to give him his handicap.

"Mad" Max Wiech
“Mad” Max Wiech

Tuesday December 27 saw only 4 competitors with “Mad Max” Wiech spoiling the party for Thomo with 32 points. Thomo & Gus scored 31 & Kobi got the Mars Bar with 27.

The Thursday Mulligans on the 29th saw only 3 players. Thomo, Gus & Kobi. Thomo won with 16, possibly the lowest winning score for mulligans. Gus & Kobi both scored 15.

New Year’s Eve saw 6 players with Thomo successful again with a fairly average 36 points. Jack scored 34, Mark “Mouldy” Millward 32, Gus 30, Neil Webster 29 & Kobi got the Mars Bar again (he likes them).