Jack Too Good for Thomo

David "Jack" Webster
David “Jack” Webster

Tuesday’s golf was played in warm weather for a change. David “Jack” Webster won with 37 stableford points, 1 clear of colourful local identity Philip “Thomo” Thomson. There was then a gap to Bob Taylor on 33, followed closely by Andy Phillips & Russell “Gus The Good Guy” Wenzel on 32. Big improver was Eddie “The Flying Dutchman” Van Keulen on 31.

The Mars Bar went to Chris “Critta” Waters who was all alone on 22 points.

Saturday: Good Conditions at Last

dsc06780Saturday saw almost perfect conditions for golf, with little breeze although it was cool.  A par competition was played and it split into 2 separate contests. Andy Phillips & Russell “Gus The Good Guy” Wenzel both scored 1 up with Andy taking the honours on a count back. Colourful local identity Philip “Thomo” Thomson was only 1 back finishing square while Mark “Mouldy” Millward finished 1 down.

The remaining players were contesting the Mars Bar with club champion Michael “Tickers” Tickner on -5, Eddie “The Flying Dutchman” Van Keulen finished on -6 just avoiding the confectionery which went to Bob Perry on -7. Remarkably Bob won a golf ball for the best birdie of the day.


Thursday Mulligans

Russell 'Gus The Good Guy" Wenzel
Russell ‘Gus The Good Guy” Wenzel

Five players ventured out in Arctic conditions last Thursday. The winner was Russell “Gus The Good Guy” Wenzel with a respectable 18 points in the conditions. There was a 3 way tie for second between Andy Phillips, colourful local identity Philip “Thomo” Thomson and Phil Arthur all with 16 points. Andy took 2nd place on a count back. Eddie “The Flying Dutchman” Van Keulen returned after a long absence and took up where he left off taking the Mars Bar with 12 points.

Tuesday – More Freezing Weather, More Poor Scores

Andy Phillips
Andy Phillips too good again.

Only 5 brave souls faced the freezing conditions on Tuesday.

Andy Phillips scored 34 stableford points in freezing conditions on Tuesday to take the money once again but it turned out to be a comfortable win. Runner up was the mercurial Bob Taylor with 31. Brett Wallis was a further 3 back on 28 while former member and now member of North Adelaide, Aaron Spicer had 26. Russell “Gus The Good Guy” took the Mars Bar with a very sad net 23

Poor Scores in Freezing Weather

dsc02211Your correspondent has been absent from the links for some time but my informant  advises that it was bloody cold & windy on Saturday. The scores would seem to confirm this. A stroke competition was held and the winning score was Chris “Critta” Waters with a net 74. This is a good effort for Critta as he normally struggles under the stroke format. Runner up was Russell “Gus The Good Guy” Wenzel fully 4 strokes back with net 78. There was yet a further gap of 4 strokes to David “jack” Webster on 82 & Mark “Mouldy” Millward &colourful local identity Philip “Thomo” Thomson on net 83. Young Kodi Wenzel (10 years) scored a net 106 (142 off the stick) to enjoy the Mars Bar.

Burra Golfers Begin to Show Form

"Mad" Max Wiech
“Mad” Max Wiech

Or at least some of them!

In freezing conditions “Mad” Max Wiech scored at commendable 40 stableford points. This score certainly impressed the handicapper who rewarded Max with a handicap reduction of 1 stroke down to 18. Runner up was Chris “Critta” Waters with a solid 37 points. Next was colourful local identity Philip “Thomo” Thomson with a consistent 36. Thomo has been around the 35 to 36 mark for a while now that he has returned to his natural handicap and is sure to break out for a win soon.

Sadly things fall away after this with with Brett Wallis 33, Mark “Mouldy” Millward 32, Russell “Gus The Good Guy” & alas Phil Arthur on 27.

Phil was saved from the Mars Bar by the presence of 10 year old Kobi Wenzl who completed his first full round of golf with an excellent starting score of 143 off the stick. Your writer can recall going around the West Course at Grange at the age of 13 in 180+ strokes. At Kobi’s age you don’t care what the reason is for getting a Mars Bar. Kobi’s stableford score was 14. At that age improvement happens at an accelerated pace. Well done!

Jack Demolishes Mulligan Field

David "Jack" Webster
David “Jack” Webster

David “jack” Webster showed a clean pair of heals to the field yesterday to score 21 points. Jack was uncanny the way he put his chip shots close to the hole time & time again. It was almost as though he had chosen the pin placements himself. Well back in his wake we had a tie for second with Russell “Gus The Good Guy” Wenzel edging Andy Phillips on a count back. Both scored 17 points. Mark “Mouldy” Millward was next with 16, followed by colourful local identity Philip “Thomo” Thomson, Don Lloyd & Phil Arthur all on 15. Club President returned after a long break receiving the Mars Bar with 12.

Spacky Runs Over The Chookman in Flying Finish

Andy Spackman
Andy Spackman


Saturday saw the annual AFL finals competition using a unique team scoring system, which I do not pretend to understand, devised by Club Captain Russell “Gus The Good Guy” Wenzel.

In the individual competition Gordon “The Chook Man” Kakoschke got an excellent start reaching the turn 3 up. Unfortunately as is happening all too often lately he faded (choked) over the closing 9 to finish 1 up. Andrew Spackman. On the other hand overcame a sluggish start winning 5 holes in a row from the 11th to 15th to also finish 1 up and beat The Chook Man on a count back. Peter Stockman & colourful local identity Philip “Thomo” Thomson were just one back all square. It seems that Thomo is more comfortable now his handicap has blown out to 15. Gus The Good Guy finished next with -1 followed by Luke Spackman on -2. Mark “Mouldy” Millward took the Mars Bar comfortably with -4.

In the teams event Sydney were successful ulike at the MCG scoring an average of 7 goals 11 to Bulldogs average of 6 goals 8. Tops scores were Sydney, Gus The Good Guy 9 goals 7, and for the Bulldogs Andy Spackman with 9 goals 5.
Nearest the pins went to Mouldy 4th, Peter Stockman 8th, Gus The Good Guy 11th & Spacky 15th.