Gale Force Wind No Match For Jack Webster

Despite the state being lashed by gales 6 gentlemen (Thomo didn’t play) ventured onto the golf course yesterday to defy the conditions.

David "Jack" Webster
David “Jack” Webster

David “Jack” Webster played as if the weather was calm amassing 39 stableford points to win comfortably. Runner up was Russell “Gus The Good Guy” Wenzel with 35, followed by Dick Cleland 33, David “Robbie” Robinson 30 & Eddie “The Flying Dutchman” Van Keulen 22. The Mars Bar went to Sam Cleland.

The Flying Dutchman & Thomo Return

Eddie "The Flying Dutchman" Van Keulen
Eddie “The Flying Dutchman” Van Keulen
Colourful local identity Philip "Thomo" Thomson
Colourful local identity Philip “Thomo” Thomson’s handicap has blown out to 14.

There was much joy in the clubhouse this evening as members celebrated the return of Eddie “The Flying Dutchman” Van Keulen & colourful local identity Philip “Thomo” Thomson after long absences due to injury.


Andrew Spackman
Andrew Spackman

Despite the high spirits & benign weather the scores were unspectacular. Todays winner with 36 stableford points was club poster boy Andrew Spackman. Runner up was Peter Mengerson with 35 followed by David “Robbie” Robinson & Thomo on 34, Mark “Mouldy” Millward & Russell “Gus The Good Guy” Wenzel 33, Dick Secomb 32,  The mercurial Bob Taylor 30, Dick Cleland 28, Luke Spackman & The Flying Dutchman 26 & Kobi Wenzel 23. Sam Cleland received the Mars Bar substitute with 18.

The handicapper was resting himself for tomorrow so the acting handicapper was very busy. Andrew Spackman lost a stroke while Robbie, Dick Cleland,  Luke Spackman & Kobi Wenzel gained a stroke each.

Dramatic Turnaround in Mulligan’s

Russell 'Gus The Good Guy" Wenzel
Russell ‘Gus The Good Guy” Wenzel

David “Jack” Webster held a 2 point lead coming the last hole in today’s 9 hole mulligan competition. Jack scored only one point on the last to finish with 19. He also failed to use his final mulligan which proved costly. Meanwhile Russell “Gus The Good Guy” Wenzel stood on the last tee with 16 points. Despite some hiccups Gus used his last mulligan & then sunk a fluky put from off the edge of the green to lift his score to 19 also. Gus took first place on a count back. Dick Cleland finished third with 18 followed by Dick Secomb & David “Robbie” Robinson on 15, Andy Phillips 14 & Sam Cleland 9. Andrew Hall received the Mars Bar.

Tuesday Golf Results

David "jack" Webster lets one fly off the 3rd tee.
David “jack” Webster lets one fly off the 3rd tee.

A small fields of 4 competed on Tuesday.

David “Jack” Webster played a steady round to score 37 stableford points & hold the mercurial Bob Taylor at bay. Bob finished 35 while Neil Webster scored 34. David “Robbie” Robinson took the Mars Bar with 27.

Open Day Results

Despite perfect conditions numbers were disappointing for the Burra Men’s Open Day. The timing of this event for next year will require careful consideration as there are too many conflicting events at this time of the year.

Neville "Ned" Kelly
Neville “Ned” Kelly

The 2018 Open Champion was Neville “Ned” Kelly from Renmark Golf Club with a 27 hole gross score of 124. Runner up was Michael Day of Clare Golf Club with 126. Both these played were locked together after 18 holes but while both faded over the final 9 Ned faded the least.

The 27 hole handicap winner was Andy Phillips with a net 108.5(?), with Chris “Critta” Waters runner up with net 112.5(?).

Bob Perry
Bob Perry


The 18 hole Stableford Challenge was won by Bob Perry with 34 points with Kobi Wenzel runner up with 33.

Long Drives:

  • 27 holes Ned Kelly
  • 18 holes John Wildy

Nearest the pin

  • Hole 4 – Russell Gus The Good Guy” Wenzel
  • Hole 8 – Kobi Wenzel
  • Hole 11 – Ned Kelly
  • Hole 15 No one

Low Key Build Up to Open Day

Michael "Tickkers" Tickner blasts one from the first tee.
Michael “Tickkers” Tickner blasts one from the first tee.

Despite good conditions Saturday’s scores were unspectacular. Best of the day was Michael “Tickers” Tickner with just 35 points. Runner up was visitor, John Wildy from West Lakes Golf Club with 34. Russell “Gus The Good Guy” Wenzel scored 32 followed by Dick Secomb, Dick Cleland & Kobi Wenzel on 31, Bob Taylor 30, Mark “Mouldy” Millward 28 and Neville “Ned” Kelly now of Renmark Golf Club 27. Sam Cleland, returning from a long lay off from the game took the Mars Bar with 21 points.

Neil Webster Blows Field Out of the Water

Neil Webster
Neil Webster

Neil Webster has moved into top gear as the Club Championships draw nigh. Neil scored 44 stableford points to leave his competitors stunned. Next was Russell “Gus The Good Guy” Wenzel with 36. Other scores were Andy Phillips 33, Chris “Critta” Waters & David “Jack” Webster 32, the mercurial Bob Taylor 26 while Dick Cleland took the Caramillo Koala (we were out of Mars Bars Eddie) with a dismal 22 points.

Club Championships – Round 2

Dick Cleland
Dick Cleland

Only 9 players played in the 2nd round of the Championships yesterday. Some players seem dispirited by poor form, others are settling back to normal after a busy start to May in Burra and others are recovering from injury. There are still 2 rounds to play before the match play begins and anyone who has yet to play can still qualify. We believe that Chris “Critta” Waters was too upset after his showing on Tuesday to play but we all know how quickly our form can change in golf. Of particular concern is the fitness of popular colourful local identity Philip “Thomo” Thomson and whether he can be fit enough to play by June 16.

Round of the day was had by Dick Cleland who scored a gross 86 catapulting himself to the top of the A Grade leader board with Russell “Gus The Good Guy” Wenzel. Defending Champion Matt Opperman showed that he is going to be in the mix again this year with an 87 gross. Gordon “The Chook Man” Kakoschke leads B grade after 2 rounds while Bob Taylor holds his lead in C Grade.

Dick Cleland also took out the handicap event of the day with a net 75. Runner up was Neil Webster who beat Michael “Tickers” Tickner on a count back, both scoring net 75. Other scores were Matt Opperman 77, Gus The Good Guy 78, Andy Phillips 79, The Chook Man 80, Bob Taylor 83 & the Mars Bar went to Kobi Wenzel with a net 86.

Progressive Championship Qualifying Scores

  Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Aggregate Best 2 Rounds
  05/May 12/May 16/Jun 23/Jun  
A Grade
R Cleland 90 86 176
R Wenzel 87 89 176
M Opperman 87
M Tickner 89
D Robinson 90
B Grade
G Kakoschke 105 105 210
D Webster 88
A Phillips 95
N Webster 99
C Grade
R Taylor 111 111 222
K Wenzel 118

Andy Phillips Wins Mulligans as Jack Webster Blows Up on Final Hole

Andy Phillips (file photo)
Andy Phillips (file photo)

Andy Phillips returned from a recent trip and showed that he will be a strong contender for this year’s B Grade Championship. Andy & David “Jack” Webster were both playing strongly & were on an equal footing coming to the final hole. Unfortunately for Jack the hole was a complete disaster which included an airy and he failed to score. Andy was also a little shaky but managed to drain a long put for 2 points and a total of 19. The hapless Jack was edged out of 2nd place by Russell “Gus The Good Guy” Wenzel on a count back after they both finished with 17. Dick Cleland scored 16 & the Mars Bar went to the mercurial Bob Taylor with 13 points.

Burra Ladies’ & Men’s Open Championships

Ladies Open: Friday May 18 –

Prize winners 2017
Prize winners 2017

Shotgun start at 9;30 am

Entry $25 includes lunch

Enquiries to Di Day phone: 08 8892 2372, email:

Men’s Open: Sunday May 20

15th with approaching storm
15th with approaching storm

27 Hole Championship (stroke) tee off 9:00 am

18 Hole Stableford Challenge tee off 10:0 am

Entry $25 per player includes lunch & afternoon tea

Enquiries to Gus “The Good Guy” Wenzel phone: 0439 846 421,  email: