Bogisch Cup Draw – Round of 16 Next Saturday

The round of 16 of the Bogisch Handicap Matchplay Cup is scheduled for next Saturday June 29. Any player unable to play on Saturday must contact his opponent prior to Saturday to arrange an alternative time for their match. All matches must be completed prior to the scheduled date of the next round. The top of the qualifiers list is dominated by A graders this year so we can expect some tough matches by the time we reach the semi finals.

Saturday’s Results

Saturday saw the final qualifying round of the club championships & the Bogisch Cup played. Details of qualifiers & matches will be issued separately.

Saturday’s competition was won by Matt Opperman with a net 70 (81 gross) demonstrating that he will have to be taken seriously in the championship matchplay. Runner up was Michael “Tickers” Tickner with a net 73. Other results suggest that these 2 players, who were finalists last year, should play off in the final again this year.

Kobi Wenzel received the Mars Bar, while Chris “Critta” Water’s handicap has gone out 1 stroke.

Matt Opperman blasts one off the 1st tee.

Full results:

Dick Cleland Takes 2nd Mars Bar in a Row

Only 3 players played in today’ mulligans with Michael “Tickers” Tickner winning with 20 points. Bob Taylor & Dick Cleland tied with 16. There was no 2nd prize.

Tickers had come out to get his game back on track before the final cub championship qualifying round on Saturday. While he appears to have taken steps to do so it will be interesting to see how he goes without the benefit of mulligans.

Michael "Tickers" Tickner
Michael “Tickers” Tickner

Critta Takes Out Tuesday’s Stableford Amidst Poor Scores

Chris “Critta” Waters scored 36 points to win Tuesday’s stableford. While his score of 36 points was by no means spectacular wait till you see the others. There was a 3 way tie for second between Trevor Maxted, Neil Webster & Russell “Gus The Good Guy” Wenzel who all managed just 32 points each. One of these 3 would have been runner up on a count back but who cares. Colourful local identity Philip Tommo Thomson scored 31 while Michael “Tickers” Tickner took the Mars Bar with 30 points. Tickers poor form is concerning with the last qualifying round of the Club Championships to be played on Saturday. Let us hope that he can turn it around.

Chris "Critta" Waters (file photo)
Chris “Critta” Waters (file photo)

Club Chairman Celebrates Birthday with Mars Bar

With the exception of the winner, Saturday’s scores were unacceptable to say the least. In an unexpected return to form, unpopular local sporting identity Philip “Tommo” Thomson scored +3 in the par competition to win convincingly. To make matters worse for his fellow club members, they failed to make 2nd place with visitor Des Fitzpatrick from Clifton Springs GC near Geelong 2nd with -2 on his first visit to our course.

Tommo returns to form
Tommo returns to form

Full results:

  • +3 – Philip Thomson
  • -2 – Des Fitzpatrick (Clifton Springs)
  • -3 – Pat Hallion, Robert Perry, Edward Van Keulen
  • -4 – Robert Taylor, Kobi Wenzel
  • -5 – Matt McCauley, William McMahon
  • -6 – Russell Wenzel
  • -7 – Richard Cleland (Mars Bar)
Dick Cleland
Dick Cleland

Perfect Weather – Lacklustre Golf

Despite Tuesday being one of the best days for golf in a long while, Burra men could not rise to the occasion. Winner was Russell “Gus The Good Guy” Wenzel with an ordinary 34 stableford points. No one else could even match that score to force a count back. Three players, Pat Hallion, David “Jack” Webster & Kobi Wenzel tied on 33 points, with Jack runner up on a count back. At the other end Bob Taylor & Neil Webster tied with 29 points Bob receiving the Mars Bar.

Full Results:

  • 34 – Russell Wenzel
  • 33 – Pat Hallion, David Webster, Kobi Wenzel
  • 32 – Andrew Phillips
  • 29 – Robert Taylor, Neil Webster

Russell “Gus The Good Guy” Wenzel

Perry Family Book-end Saturday’s Stableford

Bob Perry won Saturday’s stableford competition emphatically while son-in-law David Bartlett just as emphatically earned the Mars Bar. Bob stormed home in one of the most impressive finishes seen on the Burra Golf Course in living memory scoring 23 points for the back 9 after a quiet 17 on the front. Bob teed off from the 17th which is considered a disadvantage but scored 11 points on his last 3 holes which included 3 for 5 points on the 14th. The less said about David’s round the better. Club Captain & Vice Captain fought out 2nd place with Russell “Gus The Good Guy” edging out Mark “Mouldy” Millward on a count back both returning 37 points.

Bob Perry (left) & David Bartlett with their trophies

Full Results:

  • 40 – Bob Perry
  • 37 – Russell Wenzel, Mark Millward
  • 36 – Matt Opperman
  • 35 – Edward Van Keulen, Boh Wall
  • 33 – Andrew Phillips, Michael Tickner
  • 29 – Trevor Maxted
  • 28 – Pat Hallion, Peter Weiss
  • 27 – Philip Thomson
  • 26 – Dick Cleland, Robert Taylor
  • 23 – Kobi Wenzel
  • Score withheld – David Bartlett (Mars Bar)

Dick Cleland Wins Mulligans

Four players braved the chilly conditions to play in the 9 hole mulligan comp this morning. Andy Phillips performed brilliantly through 6 holes before frittering an apparently winning lead scoring just 2 points in the last 3 holes. Meanwhile Dick Cleland stuck to his game plan eventually winning by 2 points with a score of 20. David “Jack” Webster finished strongly to catch Andy on the line, both finishing with 18 points, & Jack taking 2nd place on a count back. Bob Taylor collected the Mars Bar.

Dick Cleland
Dick Cleland

Pat Hallion Too Good

Despite very cold & damp conditions on Tuesday, Pat Hallion went about his golf in the business like fashion we have come to expect. Pat put together a very good 38 points in trying conditions. Alas, his fellow competitors were unable to do likewise. Next best was Russell “Gus The Good Guy” Wenzel with 35 points. The rest of the field were extremely disappointing as the scores will show.

Pat Hallion tees off from 1st tee

Complete results:

  • 38 – Pat Hallion
  • 35 – Russell Wenzel
  • 30 – Andrew Phillips, Philip Thomson
  • 29 – David Webster
  • 26 – Robert Taylor
  • score withheld – Andrew Hall (Mars Bar)