Close Finish in Tuesday Golf

A count back was required to separate Pat Hallion & Michael “Tickers” Tickner who both scored 39 points. Paul Smedley was only one stroke back on 38 while the Mars Bar went to Jamestown visitor Gary Lloyd.


  • 39 – Pat Hallion, Michael Tickner
  • 38 – Paul Smedley
  • 36 – David Robinson, Russell Wenzel
  • 34 – Chris Waters
  • 33 – Trevor Maxted
  • 32 – Philip Thomson, Neil Webster
  • 31 – Andrew Philips
  • 25 – Klaus Heymann
  • 19 – Gary Lloyd (Jamestown) Mars Bar
Pat Hallion looks relaxed on the 1st tee
Michael "Tickers" Tickner
Michael “Tickers” Tickner

The Flying Dutchman Returns

Eddie “The Flying Dutchman” returned last Saturday after a long absence & collected the Mars Bar

The winner was Chric “Critta” Waters with a dazzling 42 points disappointing Russell “Gus The Good Guy” Wenzel who was runner up on 40 points. Other good scores were returned by Kobi Wenzel 39 & Mark “Mouldy” Millward & Philip “Tommo” Thomson on 38.

Full results:

  • 42 Chris Waters
  • 40 Russell Wenzel
  • 39 Kobi Wenzel
  • 38 Mark Millward, Philip Thomson
  • 37 Pat Hallion
  • 35 Richard Secomb
  • 29 Richard Matz, Andrew Phillips
  • 28 Peter Weiss
  • 18 Edward Van Keulen
Chris "Critta" Waters
Chris “Critta” Waters

Peggy scoops the pool

Five ladies hit off today with Peg Gebhardt scooping the pool. Peg had a superb round of 38 points. Runner up was Glenys Pierce with 31 points, nice to see you back Glenys after a few weeks absent. Judy Reilly had 29pts and bringing up the tail was Di Day and Andrea Rowe both with 28 pts. Nearest the pin on hole 8 and the extra comp was Peg Gebhardt. Birdie Ball went to Glenys Pierce for her great birdie on Hole 8 sinking a monster putt.

Paul Smedley Stuns Tuesday’s Field

Paul Smedley has stunned his opponents with totally unexpected good form scoring 43 stableford points and a gross score of 89. Paul has been haranguing the handicapper to increase his handicap since his arrival back in Burra at the beginning of this month. The handicapper has increased his handicap by 6 strokes since then only be treated in this disdainful manner.

Scores were generally better than usual and some would have been disappointed when Paul returned his card. To make matters worse, the handicapper, Andy Phillips, was runner up with 42 points, a score that would normally win comfortably. Another disappointed player was the ever consistent Pat Hallion on 39.

Paul Smedley (artist’s impression)


  • 43 – Paul Smedley
  • 42 – Andy Phillips
  • 39 – Pat Hallion
  • 37 – Philip Thomson
  • 36 – Neil Webster, Russell Wenzel
  • 34 – Klaus Heymann
  • 33 – Michael Tickner
  • 32 – David Webster
  • 29 – Trevor Maxted (Mars Bar)

Ladies golf – Tuesday November 19th

Beat the heat!

Six ladies took advantage of the perfect weather on Tuesday to enjoy a round before the heat came in. Sharyn Roberts finished best in the field carding 35 stableford points after a shaky start losing 2 balls and carding 3 wipe outs in a row! Full results below.

  • Winner – Sharyn Roberts 35 points
  • Runner Up – Peg Gebhardt 30 points on countback from Di Day
  • Di Day 30 points
  • Andrea Rowe 26 points
  • 9 Holers results – Winner – Marj Wride 18 points, Judy Reilly 14 points.
  • NTP Hole 8 – Sharyn Roberts
  • Birdie Ball – Sharyn Roberts (hole 8)

Ladies Stableford

Tuesday 12th November

Burra Golf Course

Andrea Rowe was the best of the 3 girls who ventured out on Tuesday. With 4 of our regular ladies playing assoc Bowls numbers were down. Gusty winds made conditions rather tricky but Andrea managed a respectable 30 stableford points. Runner up was Sharyn Roberts with 28 points, followed by Peg Gebhardt with 26 points. The NTP Ball has stayed in the trophy cupboard for the past 2 weeks with no one hitting the green! Last week (Nov 5th) scores were – Winner Di Day, 31 points. Runner Up Sharyn Roberts 30 points on a countback from Margie Stockman.

Next Tuesday is forecast ‘hot’ – Tee off now at 8.00 am. Cards in at 7.45 am.

Dick Cleland Reverses Form Again

Dick Cleland won Tuesday’s stableford after collecting the Mars Bar on Saturday. Dick scored 37 points to beat Chris “Critta” Waters on a count back.

The true story is that Critta lost the battle rather than Dick won it. The pair played in the same group and Critta had a 4 point lead after 9 holes and had extended his lead until the 14th, his nemesis hole.

Despite much sage advice on the way to play this hole with out of bounds on each side, Critta has resisted the advice and has continued to blaze away with his driver off the tee with consistently poor results and Tuesday was no exception. Critta drove out of bounds as he usually does and scored 0 points to Dick’s 3.

Shaken by this disappointment Critta only managed 1 point on 15 to Dick’s 4 giving up the lead. Critta steadied and managed to claw back 2 points to tie the scores in the end, but the count back delivered the win to his opponent.

At the other end of the field David “Jack” Webster had a rough day.


  • 37 – Dick Cleland, Chris “Critta” Waters
  • 36 – Trevor Maxted
  • 34 – Bob Taylor
  • 33 – Michael “Tickers” Tickner
  • 32 – Graham Webster
  • 31 – Pat Hallion
  • 29 – Klaus Heymann
  • 24 – Dvid “Jack” Webster
Chris "Critta" Waters (file photo)
Chris “Critta” Waters (file photo)

Bob Perry Stars

The genial Bob Perry turned on an exhibition of powerful & controlled golf to comfortably win Saturday’s stableford. Bob scored 43 points to beat the hapless Pat Hallion by 2 points. Pat has returned some very good cards of late only to be beaten by players who happen to play above their ability on the day (not that Bob was playing above his ability). A field of 15 played and there were some good scores, but there were more bad scores.

the genial Bob Perry
Bob Perry


  • 43 – Bob Perry
  • 41 – Pat Hallion
  • 39 – Trevor Maxted
  • 37 – Andy Spackman
  • 34 – Mark “Mouldy” Millward
  • 33 – Philip “Tommo” Thomson
  • 32- Kobi Wenzel, Richard “Pickles” Matz
  • 31 – Michael “Tickers” Tickner
  • 29 – Russell “Gus The Good Guy” Wenzel
  • 28 – Paul Smedley
  • 27 – Chris “Critta” Waters
  • 26 – Peter Weiss
  • 24 – Dick Secomb
  • 23 – Dick Cleland (Mars Bar)

Tickers First Across The Line

Michael “Tickers” Tickner was first across the line in the Melbourne Cup Stableford with a creditable 40 points. Runner up was Dick Cleland with 37 points, followed closely by Chris “Critta” Waters, Trevor Maxted & Bob Taylor finishing together with 36, followed by one to watch, Pat Hallion 35 after his putter failed to work. Philip “Tommo” Thomson failed to fire & was further back on 30, closely followed home by Klaus Heymann 29 and Paul Smedley tailed off last with 16.

Michael "Tickers" Tickner
Michael “Tickers” Tickner

Terrific Tommo in Tremendous Triumph

Colourful local identity Philip “Tommo” Thomson continued his dominating form with a remarkable score of 7 up in Saturday’s Par competition. Despite generally good scores Tommo was still a comfortable winner. Andy Spackman & Matt McCauley both finished 5 up with Andy runner up on a count back. Dick Cleland was well placed early but faded on the back 9.

The Mars Bar went to our international member & global ambassador, Paul Smedley.

Philip "Thomo" Thomson
Philip “Tommo” Thomson


  • +7 – Philip Thomson
  • +5 – Andy Spackman, Matt McCauley
  • +3 – Kobi Wenzel
  • +2 – Pat Hallion
  • +1 – Michael Tickner, Dick Cleland
  • 0 – Trevor Maxted
  • -1 – Chris Waters
  • -3 – Peter Weiss
  • -4 – Dick Secomb, David Webster, Russell Wenzel
  • -9 – Paul Smedley