Burra Ambrose Results

The Burra Ambrose sponsored by Coopers Brewery, the Bon Accord Hotel and the Royal Exchange Hotel was held on Sunday October 18. Seven teams of four competed in perfect conditions and an enjoyable day was had by all concerned. Numbers were down on previous years because of covid-19 restrictions.

Best off the stick70The BurgsShane & Liam Perrott
Narelle Frost, Abe Borowicki
Handicap winner56.25Casey’s CrewCasey Cooper, Chase Webster
Matt Norman, Bradley Radford
Handicap runner up58.825Deb’BoysDeb Marner, Wally Broom
Peter Tyler, Mick Stevens
Hadicap third59.625Bloody No HopersKlaus Hermann, Eddie Van Keulen, Bob Perry, Dick Cleland
Handicap fourth60.8The Rats
Handicap fifth64.375Kobi’s Crew
Mars Bar66Bally

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