Burra Golf Club Ambrose Results

Burra Golf Course

The club held a successful ambrose event on Sunday with 8 teams competing. The day was jointly sponsored by Coopers Brewery and the Burra Hotels, the Burra, the Commercial, the Royal Exchange and The Bon Accord. The club wishes to thank the sponsors for their generous support.

The winners were the Peterborough team of Mal Malacha, Jeff Oakley, Russell Hill & Andrew Mercer.

Winners of the handicap event were the Scrubbers, Wally Brooke, Deb Marner, Mick Stevens and Peter Tyler.

Runners up were the Hackers: Michael Shepley, Philip “Tommo” Thomson, Pat Hallion & Dick Cleland.

Third were Spacky Plus: Andrew Spackman, Ben Spackman, Klaus Heymann

Fourth: Riverton: Tim Buttery, Ryan Thomas, Rob Brandsma, Brian Reney

Fifth: Burra Blitz: Michael “Tickers” Tickner, Kobi Wenzel, Matt McCauley, Trevor Maxted

Big Day Out (i.e. the NAGA) Burra as Well: Russell “Gus The Good Guy” Wenzel, David “Robbie” Robinson, Andy Phillips.

Long Drives: Men: Ryan Thomas Boys: Kobi Wenzel

Nearest the Pin: Hole 4 Rob Brandsma, Hole 8 Russell Hill, Hole 11 Michael “Tickers” Tickner, Hole 15 Russell Hill

A good time was had by all!

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