Gus The Good Guy Takes Mars Bar

Saturday’s stableford was won by visitor Keith Johns from Ingle Farm Golf Club with a score of 40 points. Best of the locals was Dick Secomb with 37 followed closely by Richard “Pickles” Matz and Kobi Wenzel on 36.

At the other end club captain Russell “Gus The Good Guy” Wenzel had a day best forgotten taking the confectionery, and being the only player not to achieve 31 points or better.


  • 40 Keith Johns (Ingle Farm)
  • 37 Richard Secomb
  • 36 Richard Matz, Kobi Wenzel
  • 33 Philip Thomson, Chris Waters
  • 31 Mark Millward, Anndrew Philips, David Webster
  • 28 Russell Wenzel
Gus The Good Guy in Happier times

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