Tommo in Triumphant Return from Injury

Colourful local identity Philip “Tommo” Thomson stepped straight into the winners circle after an enforced absence from golf of 7 weeks do to an unfortunate injury incurred off the golf course. Tommo beat the luckless Andy Phillips on a count back after both scored +2 in the par event.

Alas the rest of the field were in a separate category, the next best score being -6. Andy Spackman took the Mars Bar with -8.


  • +2 Philip “Tommo” Thomson, Andy Phillips
  • -6 Pat Hallion, Neville Kelly (Renmark GC), Kobi Wenzel
  • -7 Dick Secomb, Bob Taylor
  • -8 Andy Spackman (Mars Bar)
Philip "Thomo" Thomson
Philip “Thomo” Thomson

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