Tommo is Terrific

Colourful local identity, Philip “Tommo” Thomson scored a huge win on Saturday. Tommo & fellow competitor David “Jack” Webster both scored 22 stableford points on the front 9 to set up a challenging battle on the back 9. Under such conditions Tommo has reputation for fading but this time it was Jack who blinked. Tommo scored another 22 on the back 9 to Jack’s 17 to finish a clear winner. Dick Cleland’s return to form was short lived with him taking the Mars Bar.

Philip “Tommo” Thomson


  • 44 – Philip Thomson
  • 39 – David Webster
  • 36 – Mark Millward, Dick Secomb
  • 31 – Pat Hallion, Michael Tickner
  • 22 – Dick Cleland

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