Tuesday: Impressive Scores as Summer Season Begins

Players responded with enthusiasm to the arrival of the summer season, with improved scores at both ends of the field. The winner was Russell “Gus The Good Guy” Wenzel with 42 points, comfortably ahead joint runners up David “Jack” Webster & Kobi Wenzel. Even the joint Mars Bar recipients, Trevor Maxted & Dick Secomb scored 30 points.

Russell "Gus The Good Guy" Wenzel
Russell “Gus The Good Guy” Wenzel


  • 42 – Russell “Gus The Good Guy” Wenzel
  • 38 – David “Jack” Webster, Kobi Wenzel
  • 37 – Pat Hallion, Bob Taylor, Chris “Critta” Waters
  • 36 – Mark “Mouldy” Millward
  • 33 – Andy Phillips
  • 31 – Michael “Tickers” Tickner
  • 30 – Trevor Maxted, Dick Secomb

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