The Winter Eclectic

The current standings for the BGC Men’s Saturday Winter Eclectic:

59           D Robinson

59.5        P Hallion

59.5        K Wenzel

60           D Webster

63           M Opperman

63.5        B Wall

63.5        R Matz

63.5        P Thomson

63.5        M Millward

64.5        G Wenzel

65           P Weiss

67.5        C Waters

67.5        B Dunstan

68.5        A Phillips

70           R Cleland

70.5        T Maxted

72.5        M Shepley

76           M McAuley

78           J Tiver

82           B Radford

83.5        P Rundell

90.5        N Webster

In the near future (fingers crossed) ….

The club program for the Men’s golf will be rearranged once we know when play can resume.

In successive weeks will be the resumption of the Bogisch Cup and the Club Championships.

Until then, stay safe.

Club Championships Semi Finals


B Wall v G Wenzel

M Opperman v M Millward


D Webster v P Thomson

D Robinson v P Hallion


R Matz v P Weiss

K Wenzel v M McAuley


M Shepley v J Tiver

Bogisch Cup Semi Finals

G Wenzel v (Winner of D Webster v M Opperman)

K Wenzel v B Wall

Andy Phillips Wins Against Weak Opposition

Andy Phillips almost played to his handicap to win Saturday’s stableford scoring 37 points. Michael “Tickers” Tickner was 2nd with 35 while Pat Hallion on 31 was the only other player to score 30 or more. These 3 players were the only ones to break 100 off the stick.


  • 37 – Andy Phillips
  • 35 – Michael “Tickers” Tickner
  • 31 – Pat Hallion
  • 29 – Dick Secomb
  • 28 – Peter Weiss
  • 27 – Trevor Maxted
  • Scores subject to suppression order – Andy Spackman, Philip “Tommo” Thomson, Richard “Pickles” Matz, Dick Cleland (Mars Bar)
Andy Phillips shows his style.
Andy Phillips shows his style.

Thomo in Tearaway Win

Thomo with a touch od colour
Thomo with a touch od colour

Colourful local identity Philip “Thomo” Thomson sprinted to a commanding early lead in yesterday’s par round. After 9 holes Thomo was 5 up against the card and only 2 strokes over par. Disaster struck on the back 9 with Thomo losing holes 10, 11, & 12 to reduce his score to a modest +2. Another Thomson melt down was avoided as Thomo managed to steady the ship and finish with a score of +3. Runner up was Aarun Bihun on a countback from Andy Spackman both on +1. David “Robie” Robinson & David “Jack” webster both finished square while Michael “Tickers” Tickner followed with -1, followed by Brett Wallis, Kobi Wenzel & Russell “Gus The Good Guy” Wenzel all on -3. Things fell away badly after this with Andy Phillips -5, Mark “Mouldy” Millward -6, Dick Cleland -7 and the Mars Bar went to Dick secomb with -8.

Dick Secomb
Dick Secomb

Stroke Competition in Summer Program!

Michael "Tickers" Tickner
Michael “Tickers” Tickner. This photo was not taken on Saturday.

Players were dismayed when they arrived for golf today to find a stroke competition had been programed. While it could be argued that they should have checked the program and chosen to help their wives in the garden, nobody expects a stroke round in the summer.

The scores were not impressive but Michael “Tickers” Tickner won the day with a net 73, 3 strokes above his handicap. Dick Cleland was runner up with a net 75, a score bad enough to see the acting handicapper add 2 strokes to his handicap.. Andrew Spackman scored a net 76, followed by Kobi Wenzel & Russell “Gus The Good Guy” wenzel with net 79, colourful local identity Philip “Thomo” Thomson net 81, Mark “Mouldy” Millward net 83 & Luke Spackman net 85.

In a remarkable double, frequent visitor, Klaus Heymann from Tarcowie Golf Club won both the count putts competition & the Mars Bar, the first time this has happened.


Saturday-Players Tee Off in What Appears to be Good Conditions.

On Saturday 9 players hit off in good conditions, but finished the day with front row seats to a spectacular thunderstorm, ensuring that they were wet through when they returned to the clubhouse. Nonetheless there was one outstanding score and one good score. Andy Phillips carded a score of 5 up against par, continuing his good form since a long break on holidays. The handicapper has acted swiftly reducing Andy’s handica[ to 16. Runner up was David “Jack” Webster with +2 while the rest finished on the other side of the ledger. Gus “The Good Guy” Wenzel 7 “Mad” Max Wiech finished with -1 closely followed by Matt “Oppy” Opperman on -2. The Good Guy’s GA handicap drifted out and he is coming perilously close blowing out to 12, while Mad Max managed to shave a few points off his GA. Peter Stockman & Club Champion Michael “Tickers” Tickner” finished with -5 followed by Shawn “Sheep” Rayson with -7. The Mars Bar went to Bob Taylor with -10.

Unfortunately your correspondent did not get any photos of the storm as he was safely tucked up by the fire.


“Mad” Max Takes Stroke Event

“M20150809-dsc05653ad” Max Wiech kept his cool to win Sarurday’s stroke event, considered by some as the only true test of golf but by most as a pain in the backside. Max retained his composure, as one bad mistake can spell disaster scoring a net 72. Max was 2 strokes ahead of David “Robbie” Robinson with net 74. Peter Stockman was next with a net 76 and was closely followed by Mark “Mouldy” Millward & colourful local identity Philip “Thomo” Thomson with net 77. The only other player to break net 8o was President Dick Cleland with net 79. Amongst the also-rans was Michael “Tickers” Tickner net 80, Gordon “The Chook Man” Kakoschke & Andy Phillips net 81 & Russell “Gus The Good Guy” Wenzel net 85. The only reason that Gus The Good Guy did not receive the Mars Bar was that visitor “Kiwi” Armstrong played & had a net 89. Normally Captain Gus The Good Guy excludes visitors from consideration for the Mars Bar but for some unknown reason he did not do that this time.

Mixed Scores in Mulligan 9 holes

Andy Phillips won Thursday’s event after an official corrected his score card. Andy tied with Russell “Gus The Good Guy” Wennzel with 2o points but beat the Good Guy on a count back. Gordon “The Chook Man” Kakoschke was one point away with 19, followed by Don Lloyd on 17. The rest of the field did not fare so well with a gap of 3 to Dick Cleland on 14, Bob Taylor 12, & Mark “Mouldy” Millward (show day) 11. Andrew Hall took the Mars Bar with 9 points.Andy Phillips

Tuesday: Perfect Weather But Not So Perfect Scores

In the best weather since Autumn, only one player’s golf matched the weather. Club President Dick Cleland was working on a new secret and returned a card of 41 stableford points. This was 6 points clear of runner up Andy Phillips on 35 not matching his Saturday score achieved in trying conditions. Gordon “The Chook Man” Kakoschke was third on 34. The Chook Man got away to a good start but choked badly on the back 9. There was then a big gap to Bob Taylor 31, colourful local identity Philip “Thomo” Thomson 30, with a tie for the Mars Bar between Neil Webster & Russell “Gus The Good Guy” Wenzel both with 29.  Gus The Good Guy took the chocolate on a count back