Flying Dutchman Dazzles Opponents With His Bright Orange Balls

Eddie "The Flying Dutchman" Van Keulen
Eddie “The Flying Dutchman” Van Keulen

Eddie “The Flying Dutchman” returned refreshed by a recent break to take it right up to his opponents in today’s 9 hole mulligan feature. In the closest finish in years it took a hole by hole count-back extending over 5 holes to separate The Dutchman & Russell “Gus The Good Guy” Wenzel. Both players scored 22 points. It appears that some players were distracted by The Dutchman”s spectacularly bright orange golf balls. Mulligan specialists, the mercurial Bob Taylor & the laconic Dick Secomb, could each only manage 18 points despite the use of all 3 mulligans. Andrew Hall took the Mars Bar.

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