Tickers & The Flying Dutchman in Form

Michael "Tickers" Tickner
Michael “Tickers” Tickner

Michael “Tickers” Tickner narrowly edged out Eddie “The Flying Dutchman” Van Keulen in Saturday’s stableford. Tickers scored 40 points to the Dutchman’s 39. The pair finished streets ahead of the rest of the field with next best Russell “Gus The Good Guy” Wenzel on 32. Dick Cleland scored 31 & colourful local identity Philip “Thomo” Thomson just scraped into the 30’s. Of the remainder, David “Robbie” Robinson scored 28 while Gordon “THe Chook Man” Kakoschke only managed 25. Chris “Critta” Waters took the Mars Bar with an appalling 23.

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