Gus The Good Guy Wins 1st Event of 2020, But Scores Are Unimpressive

Russell “Gus The Good Guy’ Wenzel won the first competition of 2020, a par round, with a score of 1 up, one worse than his handicap. There was a three way tie for second between Bill “Noddy” McMahon, Andy Phillips & Michael “Tickers” Tickner all square, with Tickers getting the ball on a count back. Pat Hallion ironically won both the birdie ball and the Mars Bar with -5. The world handicapping system is due to be implemented on January 30 at which time these scores would be downgraded by 2 strokes.


  • +1 – Russell Wenzel
  • 0 – Bill McMahon, Andy Phillips, Michael Tickner
  • -1 – Andrew Spackman, Peter Weiss (one to watch)
  • -3 – Richard Matz, Philip Thomson
  • -5 – Pat Hallion
Peter Weiss, the big improver

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