Saturday’s Results

The semi finals of the Bogisch Handicap Matchplay Cup were played in perfect weather.

Results were:

  • David “Jack” Webster defeated Russell “Gus The Good Guy” Wenzel 4 & 3
  • Kobi Wenzel defeated Boh Wall 3 & 2.

Those not playing matches contested a par bisque competition. This novel version of the par competition enables players to use their handicap strokes however they please introducing an element of strategy and intelligence into the mix. This enabled Dick Cleland, despite a very disappointing game of golf, manipulate his handicaap with such skill that he was a narrow winner beating Trevor Maxted on a count back. At the other end of the spectrum Philip “Tommo” Thomson, despite a reasonable game of golf, took the Mars Bar.

Par Bisque Results
1eqDick Cleland20+2c/b
1eqTrevor Maxted24+2
3eqPeter Weiss20+1
3eqAndy Phillips17+1
3eqMatt McSauley20+1
6eqChris “Critta” Waters13Square
6eqRichard “Pickles” Matz17Square
8David “Robbie” Robinson10-1
9Philip “Tommo” Thomson13-3Mars Bar
Dick Cleland (file photo)

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